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Jewelry Insurance Appraisals & Consultations

Insurance Appraisals establish the retail replacement value of your jewelry should you suffer damage or loss.  We determine metal composition and weight, identify and grade all gemstones, take digital photographs, research comparable market prices and create an appraisal document for you to provide to your insurance company.  We also provide an electronic copy of the appraisal and photos (pdf) for your convenience.  Insurance Appraisal Reports on Diamond Engagement Rings, Wedding Sets, Bracelets, Studs, Earrings, Pendants, Pearls, Necklaces, Ruby, Sapphires, Emeralds, Tanzanite, Pearls, Gemstones, Watches, Antique and Cruise Ship Jewelry.      Back to TOP➤

Watch Appraisals

Watches often go overlooked as an item that often has significant value.  The rise in precious metal values increase the value of many watches.  We value vintage and modern watches.  Whether you have a wristwatch or pocket watch, Rolex, Omega or Vacheron Constantin, we look forward to valuing it for insurance, estate or resale purposes.  We evaluate all the components of value, research comparable market prices, and create an appraisal report for you to provide to your insurance company.      Back to TOP➤

Gold and Precious Metals

The Jewelry Judge can test to identify the karat weight of gold as well as platinum and silver. If in doubt about what you own, why not check it out?
Identification is the first step in valuing any jewelry or Precious Metal item.      Back to TOP➤

Crown of Light specialty

The Crown of Light is a trademark for a luxury line of jewelry featuring earth mined diamonds that have a particular patented cut.  COL items are often purchased outside of the US. Mr. Gordon is one of the few appraisers with adequate knowledge and experience to value Crown of Light for replacement insurance purposes.      Back to TOP➤

Estate Jewelry Appraisals

Estate lawyers send us clients who require valuations for probate purposes. We consult directly with heirs and beneficiaries to provide information to assist with equitable distributions.  We help individuals with equitable division of property when life changing events require it.  Estate Jewelry Appraisals consists of: sorting and evaluating silver, gold, platinum, pearls, diamonds, gemstones, fine jewelry, providing Written & Verbal Appraising as requested.  Single to full Jewelry Estates appraised at Estate Fair Market Value for Executors, Legal, Attorneys, Distributions, Probate, Donations, Estate Planning, Divorce, Personal, Resale, Collateral, Bankruptcy and IRS purposes.  Services provided in a timely manner while valuables stay in your sight.      Back to TOP➤

Fair Market Value Appraisals for Equitable Distributions

Fair Market Appraisals establish a basis for equitable distribution of assets, estate tax preparation, dissolution of marriage asset assessment and resale valuations for auction and other secondary markets.  Our appraisals comply with IRS requirements and meet the highest professional standards.      Back to TOP➤

Resale or Purchase Consultations

The first 15 minutes is FREE! 
Consumer educational consultations are available by appointment.  Whether selling or buying, a Jewelry Judge consultation can help you make informed choices or verify you received what was purchased.      Back to TOP➤

Jewelry Repair Services

Sometimes the most cherished jewelry pieces are the ones that have memories attached to them. Keep your favorite pieces looking their best with jewelry repair, inspection and cleaning. Our craftsmen know exactly how to treat your rings, necklaces, pearls, bracelets to make sure they stand the test of time.
Schedule time with the Jewelry Judge whenever it works for you. Online or in our lab – your choice.
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In-Person or Virtual Appointments

  • Insurance Appraisals, Appraisal Updates and Consultations. Whether you are buying or selling, know what your jewelry is worth!
  • On-Line appraisals and consultations via Skype, Zoom or Facetime will save you travel, time and 20%  off our normal in-person hourly rate.
  • Online Consultations

    Complete Our Online Inquiry Form Let us know the purposes of your inquiry. Fill in your contact information describe your item(s); upload high-resolution photos. Multiple views are helpful, especially if you can capture any distinctive markings or stamps. Provide receipt information and/or GIA laboratory report or report number. It is important that we receive as much information as possible to give you the most accurate appraisal.

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Grading Report Verification

When buying a diamond or gemstone off the web or from a brick and mortar store, you want to make sure you’re getting what you think you purchased.  Many gemstones are accompanied by a gemological laboratory report from GIA, EGL, AGS or one of several other establishments.  Do these reports have ironclad guarantees?  No, they are independent but subjective opinions and represent a snap shot of the opinion of the graders on that day.  Do we always agree with the lab’s opinion?  No. Some labs are stricter than others.  Some are very lenient.

The first purpose of a verification report is to make sure the gemstone and the report match.  No reputable seller is going to risk his or her, hard-earned reputation by purposely selling a gemstone under false pretenses.  However, mistakes can and do happen.  If the seller is a little careless or rushed when showing two gemstones of similar weights and qualities, the stones may not get put back into the correct envelope.

The second purpose is to verify condition of the gemstone.  If a report is older and the gemstone has been in the marketplace for a while or if you are purchasing a previously owned gemstone, some surface damage may have occurred that would negate the original opinion particularly in the rarer clarity categories.

The third purpose is to verify the gemstone’s identification and condition prior to and after mounting.  On occasion, damage can happen during the setting process, while this is not common, with proper documentation and photos you should not be responsible.      Back to TOP➤

Expert Witness – Legal Claims

Over 68 years of valuable experience in the jewelry industry.  You don’t find that everyday.  Knowing the difference between 2 gemstones that look identical takes the training expertise and experience of someone like Jewelry Judge Ben Gordon.

This KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE is what you are looking for in an expert witness or jewelry evaluation for insurance purposes.  Ben has testified in courts as an expert witness about validity of worth and identification of stones.  Gems and gemstones may appear alike to the lay person, but to an expert jewelry appraiser, they are as different as fingerprints.

Ben Gordon has been called as an expert witness in numerous court cases, giving impartial testimonial as to the authenticity and value of the jewelry in question.  With over 68 years of experience, he is more than qualified to appear before his peers in court cases in which an expert opinion is needed.  In the past, he has helped the Houston Police Department recover merchandise by identifying stolen items and testifying regarding their value.  He has experience working with lawyers dealing with issues of authenticity, evaluation and valuation of jewelry, as well as in cases of complicated divorce settlements and jewelry fraud.      Back to TOP➤