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Expert Witness for government agencies and various law firms.
Assists law enforcement agencies in recovering stolen jewelry.
Appears on TV and radio on appraising gems and jewelry.
Appears as guest speaker for gem and jewelry shows.

Master Graduate Gemologist and Jewelry Appraiser Ben Gordon has been working in the jewelry industry for over 6 Decades!

He is available in his Houston lab to consult and appraise jewelry for insurance replacement, estate probate, division of property, and for the purpose of buying and selling.  As a Master GIA Graduate Gemologist, he is proficiently trained to grade diamonds and colored stones.  Ben is knowledgeable in fine and antique jewelry.

We provide comprehensive appraisal and consultation services for all your appraisal needs from your first engagement ring to your estate jewelry planning.

See the Jewelry Judge Ben Gordon on Houston’s Channel 2 November 14, 2016 Consumer News Report.