Meet Jewelry Judge Ben Gordon

Ben Gordon DOES NOT BUY or SELL Jewelry! Ben provides jewelry and watch Insurance Appraisals, distribution of asset appraisals, and re-sale appraisals. To avoid conflicts of interest, he advises clients on the best markets of trusted professionals, auction galleries or retailers to obtain the best exposure to meet your needs. A Jewelry Judge Appraisal or… Read more »

How to Wear Wedding or Engagement Rings

Wearing rings are something we take for granted. But maybe we shouldn’t. Some things may seem obvious – like wearing a wedding ring. But situations may differ. For example, what if a person’s fingers are short? What kind of work do they do? Left or right hand? What about allergies to metal? Here are a… Read more »

We appraise and refer to Auction!

Ben Gordon DOES NOT BUY or SELL Jewelry for his own inventory. To avoid conflicts of interest, he introduces clients to trusted professionals, auction galleries or retailers to obtain the best exposure. A Jewelry Judge Appraisal equips clients with information to make decisions to achieve a Fair Market Value. We thank Fortuna Auctions, New York,… Read more »

Jewelry Judge Ben Gordon going strong

Jewelry Judge Ben Gordon going strong at 87 earns another Pinnacle Achievement Southern Jewelry News Report. Jewelry Repair Services for your most cherished jewelry pieces. Expert Witness for government agencies and various law firms. Assists Law Enforcement agencies in recovering stolen jewelry. Appears on TV and Radio on appraising gems and jewelry. Appears as Guest… Read more »

AGS Recertification Exam

A M E R I C A N  G E M   S O C I E T Y Consumer Protection Since 1934 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE LOCAL HOUSTON PROFESSIONAL CONTINUES COMMITMENT TO CONSUMER PROTECTION WITH JEWELRY INDUSTRY RECERTIFICATION Oct. 6, 2018 – Houston, TX – Jewelry Judge Ben Gordon of Texas Independent Jewelry Appraisers has successfully completed… Read more »

Engagement Ring Shopping – Consider Confidence

Regardless of where you purchase your engagement ring and diamond from. The cut, clarity, color and carat weight (the 4Cs) are definite contributing factors to the value of a diamond, but there are three more Cs to consider before & after shopping for an engagement ring. Confidence – that’s what a Jewelry Judge Appraisal will… Read more »

Better Business Bureau Recognizes The Jewelry Judge in 2016!

Once again, the annual Better Business Bureau Education Foundation Awards luncheon found Jewelry Judge Ben Gordon and his wife Linda accepting an award at its Spring fund raising luncheon. Jewelry Judge Ben Gordon received recognition from Houston’s Better Business Bureau. He was proud to receive the 2016 Pinnacle Award for Excellence. He was recognized by… Read more »