Who Needs the Jewelry Judge?

Anyone needing professional appraisal services or valuations of fine jewelry or precious gemstones including diamonds.  Here are a few examples of those who visit the Jewelry Judge:

  • Newly engaged couples consult with us before they purchase an engagement ring.  We offer educational information that will assure they receive what they pay for whether the purchase is made online or at a retail store.
  • Recently married individuals come in after the wedding with their wedding sets to obtain appraisal reports to assure adequate insurance coverage.
  • Collectors who have made purchases of fine jewelry over the years that represent considerable accumulated wealth.  Our expertise identifies antique, vintage and designer pieces.  Often these have value beyond the value of their materials.
  • People who need to replace a lost or stolen jewelry item.  Insurance companies may require written appraisal reports before covering an important piece of jewelry.  A receipt from the retail store is confirmation of ownership and verifies the price paid, but may not be the current value of the jewelry item.

Texas Independent Jewelry Appraisers

Those who consult with Texas Independent Jewelry Appraisers (TIJA) include:

  • Lawyers settling estates or documenting separation of property agreements.  When property is distributed there may be tax consequences to consider.  Jewelry is often an important (and emotional) component in property agreements. We sort, identify, categorize and value estate items for sale or equitable distribution.
  • Auction houses or individuals seeking an independent valuation before selling heirloom jewelry.  We often recommend that a seller of fine jewelry place a reserve price (or minimum acceptable sales price) to avoid selling an item below its fair market value.
  • Insurance companies that require valuations before paying out on a claim or when negotiating a settlement.
  • Trust departments of banks or financial institutions that are responsible for fair market  or liquidation valuations on a periodic or one-time basis.
  • Police in cases of lost or stolen property.  Our expertise has helped with returning lost/stolen items to their original owners.  We maintain historical records of an item’s appraisal history which can be helpful in identifying lost items.
  • Jewelry owners and collectors who need to update their insurance coverage with changing market conditions.  Precious metals vary constantly in value, but so do precious and semi-precious stones. We recommend an update every three to five years to assure adequate coverage of important items.