Knife and Fork Club Salutes as Ben and Linda Celebrate 60 Years of business!

Linda and Ben have been members of Knife and Fork for three plus years and the group has enjoyed seeing Linda delivering roses to our new members and guests as a member of the Membership committee. Take time to visit with Ben and Linda and enjoy their delightful personalities and share 20, 30, 40, 50 or even 60 years of life experiences.

A spot check of the Houston Yellow Pages turns up rave reviews: “Ben is the best,” wrote one customer. “I went in with a bunch of estate stuff (basically didn’t know what I had) and Ben went through all of it and efficiently separated the things with value from the trash. He treated every piece like it belonged with the crown jewels. The customer service is over the top. Would definitely go back in the future.”

Gordon says he can recount “8 million” stories like these. “I give them a circa-their grandmother’s ring was made in 1922,” he said. “It makes it exciting. I love it. I come into work every day. What else would I do? Watch the grass grow?”

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