Prospecting For Gold

 Gold prices have hit record highs, with the spot price of gold above $1900 per troy ounce, there is a new gold rush!  People are prospecting for gold in old and forgotten jewelry. What’s in your closet?

The Jewelry Judge can test to identify the karat weight of gold as well as platinum and silver.  If in doubt about what you own, why not See the Jewelry Judge?  Identification is the first step in valuing any jewelry or Precious Metal item.

The Jewelry Judge does not buy or sell jewelry, we consult and inform individuals wishing to sell their gold, what price they can expect.  Know the value of your gold before you sell to avoid disappointment or getting less than true value. We perform On-Line appraisals via Skype, Zoom or Facetime to save you travel, time and money off our normal in-person hourly rate.