Consultation Services

Fees for consultations services are based upon the amount of time and research required. We provide consultations for those who are making jewelry purchases or thinking about selling, and also for the purposes listed below:

Consultations are great alternatives for those who do not need full appraisal reports. Consultations are verbal communications to aid and arm you with knowledge and numbers. A Fee is charged for each 30 minute block of time.

Grading Report Verification
Your diamond or colored stone may have come with a written grading report from a laboratory (GIA or AGS). We can verify that the stone you purchased or are about to purchase matches the grading report you were provided.

Phone Consultations
For those with busy schedules who cannot physically come to the lab, we offer consults by phone. You may be having trouble deciding between two different center stones, or want to know if you are getting the best value for your money. There are many different questions we can help you answer based on our knowledge, experience, and understanding of the gem and diamond market. (In special circumstances, such as when an appraisal is being updated or where the owner is in possession of a GIA laboratory grading report, we may be able to consult via SKYPE or FACETIME.)

Virtual Appraisal Updates

You may not have the time or be able to travel to our lab for an updated appraisal.  You know you should get an update, since you have something valuable, beautiful or amazing, but still procrastinate not wanting to bring it in for valuation.

Through our convenient Apple FACETIME or SKYPE chat, we can help you to update the current value of your fine jewelry, diamond or colored gemstone.  Saving you time and travel to our Gem Lab in Houston, as well as ensuring you are not overpaying for the jewelry insurance coverage you have.

Quality Checks
We evaluate items purchased in retail stores, pawn shops, through private dealers, wholesalers and online marketers to make sure what you were sold matches what you were told; and that the purchase price was fair.

Estate Consultations
Owners of jewelry estates want to know the history and value of their estate. Bring your items in and let us sort, document and value your estate to suit your needs.

Services To the Trade
On occasion, retailers, jewelers, auction houses and pawn shops need a second opinion for gem identification, precious metal testing and circa dating. Our gemologists have the equipment and experience to identify gemstones, test precious metals and date vintage and antique jewelry. We also offer photographic services for jewelry and specialized photographic services for gemstones and gemstone inclusions.